‘Your Words Are Your Spell’ spoken poetry video.

Hi baby, baby. Please read that ‘baby, baby’ in the sound of that song that goes ooh baby baby, because that’s what I’m thinking.

Today I have a little spoken poetry reel I would like to share with you, this is for a poem I have written and shared both on Instagram and my original blog, 50shad3s0fjay. This reel has been shared on my tiktok account (which I used for about 5 days then deleted- standard me, I have a love hate relationship with social media, it’s all about the balance isn’t it and tiktok definitely lowered my vibes. For me what is working with IG currently is not taking it too seriously, not having a strong posting schedule as such, and deleting the app once I have posted what I want to post, along with having the days where I don’t use it – Sunday& Monday for example or if I’m on holiday – though not berating myself if I do decide to use it on those days, just being aware of how much time I’m spending on it and when it’s not making me feel good vibes anymore etc) but anyway, that was a tangent and a half – I created this beautiful spoken poetry video – and I hope you enjoy its magick but first!!! Let me talk about todays sponsor…

It’s me 😇 I actually stole this idea from Leeor Alexandra when I saw how she was sponsoring her own YouTube videos through her courses / jewellery brand etc (which fyi just manifesting I would love to be sponsored by alchemybyla one day- in fact, my amulet from the brand is featured in the video I’ll be sharing – it’s the Cosmic Love amulet) and I thought it was such a flex, now I get to do this myself.

Today’s blog post is sponsored by me and my etsy store – more specifically, my first ever poetry e-magazine ‘My Heart Sings / The Beauty Of Life’, this e-magazine features over 30 poems, 34 of those poems being completely brand new and exclusive to the e-magazine 🥺 of course, this e-magazine features poems focusing on topics such as gratitude and love, appreciation for the beauty of life 😉 and all the magick of this Universe – it truly is so inspiring and I should probably read my own work more often, because there are so many reminders in this poetry about all the good life has to offer, and of course, there is poetry about romantic relationships too!

You can purchase the e-magazine here or email me at JenniferRBallard222@yahoo.com to purchase your copy- just put the subject as ‘My Heart Sings’ and I’ll get back to you!

Now, for the spoken poetry video, I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for watching and reading,

I’m wishing you such a love filled week, I really hope you feel love as you read this sentence, and feel a warm hug love energy in your heart.

Lots of love



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❤️❤️❤️ blessings.

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