If Taylor Swift…

If Taylor Swift is the New York of songwriting,

I intend to be the New York of poetry

Ps- we can all agree that ‘Cornelia Street’ is top tier Taylor Swift right? I used to not be able to listen to it so much because it made me too emotional but I love it. A masterpiece. I’ll probably cry even more now when I listen to it because it will make me miss New York however, I will be returning so…

What is your favourite Taylor Swift song?

Who is your favourite musical artist?

Let me know in the comments below 😘

Have a blessed day,

Lots of love


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5 responses to “If Taylor Swift…”

  1. Cornelia Street is AMAZING !! Have you heard the live version ?? I think it’s even better than the studio version and so much more emotional, it breaks my heart every time but it’s so damn good. My favourite TS song is All Too Well followed by Enchanted! xx


    1. I think I heard it once or twice from the Paris concert she posted on YouTube but I will have to re-listen! Especially if you think it’s better than the studio version, I will give it a listen today! Thanks hun. Ohhh yes the 10 min version? That’s deffo one of her best and I feel the same about Enchanted- so so dreamy and magickal. I love the Owl City version too! Thanks for commenting lovely ❤️

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      1. Yes the Paris one !! So so so good. I actually meant the original All Too Well, I love the 10 min version but the original will always hold the biggest place in my heart ♥️


        1. I will listen! Oooh amazing – I love that, we all love the 10 minute version so it’s nice to see someone out there still listens to the original 😅

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  2. HUHU i still remember hearing CORNELIA STREET LIVE IN PARIS, i just broke up with my ex that time, i bawled my eyes out. A year later, I realized it really is a love song not a heartbreak song.

    My current favorite is Dancing with our hands tied Rep Tour Live.


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